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About IDMS

The IDMS is the Irish Downhill Mountain Bike Series. With a number of rounds in the national points series and a national championships being run by a number of Irish MTB Clubs in association with the Cycling Ireland Offroad Commission

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There is always something to do! New tracks, new meets, new people and new feats! We will show you the when and where and you bring the energy and the gear!

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Latest News & Info

  • Please make sure you enter your Number Board issued at Round 1,2 or 3.
  • Leave the field blank if you did not attend either Round

    2017 Irish Downhill MTB Series (IDMS) Dates and Venues - Round 3 updated 25th July

    There will be 4 Rounds in 2017 – all 4 count towards the IDMS Overall Championship.

    Points will be awarded for the Seeding and Race runs using the standard BDS system.

    The Dates for the 2017 IDMS are:
    Round 1. 15/16 April Bree, Co. Wexford Bree MTB ( Note that different tracks
    Round 2. 12/13 Aug Bree, Co. Wexford Bree MTB ( will be used for each round
    Round 3. 2/3 Sep Mt Hillary, Mallow, Co.Cork 021 Racing
    Round 4. 30 Sep/1 Oct Co. Wicklow (venue tbc) Pro Line MTB

    Nat. Champs 22/23 Jul Rostrevor, Co. Down Rostrevor MTB

    New HARDTAIL Category

    This category is new for 2017 and is intended as a trial to bring new riders into DH racing.

    It is a separate category and is not age- or gender-related since it is unclear at this stage what new entrants this will attract. Riders will use the same track as the DH riders, though, as is normal at DH events, ‘alternative’ lines will be provided where necessary and will be available for all categories. Naturally, these 'alternative lines' will always be slightly slower than the standard route. The same safety rules apply to ALL categories in respect of protective wear. Follow the 'Rules' link at the top of the page for further details.

    Attention is drawn to the Cycling Ireland Technical Rules which state that "any bicycle used in competition must be capable of safely and efficiently completing the task and must, as a minimum, be mechanically sound, have efficient brakes on all wheels and all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure the safety of the rider and others. As part of the latter, bar plugs are compulsory"

    This hardtail category will be kept under review depending on the success or otherwise of its introduction

    Standard Race Fees

    The following Standard Race Fees will apply in 2017 at the discretion of the event hosting club

    • Hardtail - €50
    • Juvenile, 13 + 14 Years old - €35
    • Youth, 15 + 16 Years Old - €65
    • Junior, Under 18 Years Old - €65
    • Women, Open Aged Category - €50
    • Elite, 18+ Years Old - €65
    • Senior, 18-29 Years Old - €65
    • Master30, 30-39 Years Old - €65
    • Master40(Vet), 40-49 Years Old - €65
    • Master50(SuperVet), 50+ - €65
    • Sport, 18+ Years Old, New or Returning From Injury - €65
    • One Day License - €20
    • PLEASE NOTE : At the hosting club's discretion the above Fees are valid up to 1 week prior to the event. This allows the hosting club to ensure that sufficient uplift, toilet and other facilities are put in place to cater for the registered entries.
    • Entries after that point, including on the day will be allowed however a surcharge of €25 may be required. It is therefore in everyone's interest to ensure that they register as early as possible.

    Car Parking/Camping

    Depending on the availability of adequate parking/camping spaces, some venues may request the payment of a small fee to off-set the cost of rubbish skips and toilet facilities.

    €5 may be charged per vehicle for those parking for the day - this single charge will cover both the Saturday and Sunday.

  • €10 may be charged per vehicle for those parking/camping overnight - this charge is NOT in addition to the day charge.